“You Are Not Hearing Me!”: Paradoxes of Communication

The human being is defined on a fundamental level by his Intelligence and Mind which is manifested most clearly by the phenomenon of speech and language. Nomadic Ancient societies, particularly Semites, were orally focused and those with the talents of speech, particularly poetry, held high status and influence. With the shift to sedentary society came the development of agriculture,writing, and the urban city.  Writing became an indispensable tool both in intellectual and practical pursuits. Laws could formally codified and written thus establishing the order and rule of law necessary for social stability, which was especially useful for effectively dealing with the large populations forming in cities. The writer therefore surpassed the orator, although often the two talents merged together as was the case of Cicero and St. Bernard of Clairvaux. The writers and scribes became essential figures in the Middle Ages and were greatly valued both by the Sacred and Profane authorities in Europe as has been explored excellently int he following book: https://www.amazon.ca/Book-Bibles-Stephan-F%C3%BCssel/dp/3836559137.

The next shift came with the emergence of the Gutenberg printing press  in the 15th century which now expanded the audience a work of writing could reach and the speed at which it could be produced. Handwriting of books took immense labor and time  and the printing press became the ideal solution to this logistical issue. The printing press remained in large scale until the advent of the Internet in the late 20th century and radically changed the world. The Digital Age has provided global reach and accessibility to information and a plethora of avenues including Social Media, Video Sharing, Websites, and Blogs such as this. There has never been such multitude of means of communication and potential audiences.

However, despite this availability of vast means of communication we have been presented with an interesting paradox which has manifested itself in the current volatile global climate which was  kicked off of with the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 US Elections. There is a increasing lack of understanding and discernment despite the fact that we have more avenues than ever before. How could we become more and more incapable of dialogue and understanding  despite the increasing number of methods of communication? This will lay out the context and frame work for part 2 of this work which will explore the nature of dialogue and understanding and its relationship to methods of communication.

Al Goldstein: A Cautionary Tale

My recent completion of ‘I Goldstein: My Screwed Life’ offered an interesting glimpse into the world of the American pornography industry and its founding father Al Goldstein. It is difficult to recognize and appreciate the cataclysmic changes Goldstein’s life brought in America partly because we are situated in a post-porn world and have become desensitized to the phenomenon of pornography. However, what is left out of the picture is the fallout of Goldsteins porn career and the consequences of his worldview and lifestyle. Goldstein is shockingly frank and honest as he reflects upon his life in his later years and asks himself the existentially painful question “How the hell did I get here?”. Since a single post is inadequate in addressing the totality of his biography we will be making multiple posts in the near future to flesh out passages and themes of interest directly from the book. This will certainly prove to be a amusing task in comprehending one of the most lively mavericks of the 20th century and sexual revolutionary par excellence.

Grenfell Tower Fire: The Power of Circumstances

The summer of 2017 marked one of the deadliest fires in Great Britain since the Blitz of the Second World War and a very sobering lesson in the design and construction of safe buildings. Our school of architecture had decided to implement a research project on Grenfell Tower (with some convincing from yours truly). This was a great addition for several reasons: we had an opportunity to study a very recent event still fresh in the minds of the public, to see the real world application of building safety and regulation, and to be more conscious of the responsibility and social contract architects have to society at large.

Now one of the most fascinating aspects of the Grenfell fire was the vast intersection of circumstances tailor made for a tragedy like this. From the combustible cladding, lack of a sprinkler system, poor plan design, and the presence of one exit staircase. These circumstances seemed like a match made in heaven for some sort of calamity to occur. It is quit easy to blame one single factor and to become narrow minded in your vision; this is especially understandably considering the many intense emotions the discussion will arouse. However, it is important to develop the ability to have a discerning and broad vision that can pierce the problem from multiple angles and form a circumvisional perspective of a given situation. Having this state of mind allows one to better assess and understand the unique factors of a situation and to better contextualize and understand them in relation to each other and as a whole.

To conclude, we will summarize two primary principles from the Grenfell tower: the infinitely complex spider web of circumstances and causal factors in reality and the importance of having a penetrating and discerning Mind and a broad vision in all endeavors and daily life.


Thank you for visiting my blog, I greatly appreciate your interest and time and I hope you leave with a positive impression of this blog’s content. Although Iam quite late to the blog scene I have been following many blogs and their content over the years, and really seeing the innate power that blogging possesses. It contains the intimacy of reading and writing whilst simultaneously providing extreme adaptability to new mediums of communication and crating a harmonious combination of a variety of communication methods,

As for myself, I have had a long standing interest and enjoyment in writing and it is a skill that I enjoy exercising. For all writers the crowning achievement   is to produce a physical, published book and this is no easy task. However, given the shift in mediums (ie. the transition from physical to digital) I thought a blog would be a more practical and flexible medium to produce writing and test myself. We will see where this journey takes us and hope you may join us for the ride!