Al Goldstein: A Cautionary Tale

My recent completion of ‘I Goldstein: My Screwed Life’ offered an interesting glimpse into the world of the American pornography industry and its founding father Al Goldstein. It is difficult to recognize and appreciate the cataclysmic changes Goldstein’s life brought in America partly because we are situated in a post-porn world and have become desensitized to the phenomenon of pornography. However, what is left out of the picture is the fallout of Goldsteins porn career and the consequences of his worldview and lifestyle. Goldstein is shockingly frank and honest as he reflects upon his life in his later years and asks himself the existentially painful question “How the hell did I get here?”. Since a single post is inadequate in addressing the totality of his biography we will be making multiple posts in the near future to flesh out passages and themes of interest directly from the book. This will certainly prove to be a amusing task in comprehending one of the most lively mavericks of the 20th century and sexual revolutionary par excellence.

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