Reading List

Reading is a time consuming and laborious activity which may explain its noticeable decline in the culture at large in favor of information delivered instantaneously through the Internet, particularly social social media platforms and video services such as Youtube. Regardless, reading is an exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling activity when one has the self-discipline and patience to pursue it. Here is a short list of some books recently finished and on the burner. The list will certainly change as new books are discovered. Links will be provided for those who may want to pursue these books. Future posts on some of these books will eventually be provided as well.

  1. An Arab-Syrian Gentlemen and Warrior in the Period of the Crusades: Memoirs of Usama ibn Munqidh (
  2. Prometheus Rebound: The Irony of Atheism (
  3. The Book of Miracles (
  4. I Goldstein: My Screwed Up Life (


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