Thank you for visiting my blog, I greatly appreciate your interest and time and I hope you leave with a positive impression of this blog’s content. Although Iam quite late to the blog scene I have been following many blogs and their content over the years, and really seeing the innate power that blogging possesses. It contains the intimacy of reading and writing whilst simultaneously providing extreme adaptability to new mediums of communication and crating a harmonious combination of a variety of communication methods,

As for myself, I have had a long standing interest and enjoyment in writing and it is a skill that I enjoy exercising. For all writers the crowning achievement   is to produce a physical, published book and this is no easy task. However, given the shift in mediums (ie. the transition from physical to digital) I thought a blog would be a more practical and flexible medium to produce writing and test myself. We will see where this journey takes us and hope you may join us for the ride!

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